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2020 4-H/Ag in the Classroom Livestock ONLINE Auction Enrollment 

To enroll in the Bond County 4-H/Ag in the Classroom Livestock Auction you must complete online enrollment.  

Eligible auction participants must submit your enrollment through an online electronic form NO LATER THAN JULY 27. Any members that complete the online enrollment will have their eligibility confirmed by the Bond Co. 4-H Program Coordinator.

A photo of the 4-H member and their animal must be submitted by July 27.  Send a .jpg or .pdf file to by July 27!

Click below to enroll:

AITC 4-H Online Auction Enrollment Form


What's New with AITC?

Spring will be here before we know it!  Contact our Education Coordinator, Delainey Enloe, to schedule your classroom, program or event.  Some of the featured lessons for the remainder of this school year  include:  Soybean "Beanie Babies"; Horsein' Around With Horses; and the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day.  Learn about soybeans, all of the wonderful products that are made from soybeans and grown your own soybean "beanie baby."  In our horse lesson learn about how different types of  horses were used in the past and present in farming practices!

Help us celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day!  Learn about our natural resources and why we should work to protect those resources.  Learn about the importance of soil, water and the earth's natural resources.  What can you do to celebrate Earth Day?



Bond County Ag in the Classroom Mission & Vision

The mission of the Bond County Ag in the Classroom program is to increase agriculture literacy and advance agriculture by providing education programs in schools, at community programs and outreach events.  A person that is literate in agriculture "understands and can communicate the source and value of agriculture as it affects our quality of life."  The Bond County AITC program seeks to improve student and community understanding by providing agricultural focused lessons that meet national learning standards in core curriculum in science, social studies, language and math.  We have resources in our AITC Book Barn Mobile Education Trailer that are available at public events and festivals to improve the understanding of and advancement of agriculture within our community.  The AITC vision is that "agriculture is valued by all." 

For information on how you can support our mission & vision please contact the Bond County AITC Executive Director, Emily Hartmann, or the Education Coordinator, Chelsea Icenogle. 

AITC Lessons & Events and Book Barn Schedule

Lessons Plans for 2019-20:


What's on my Pizza?

Corn, Corn, and More Corn

Town Mouse, Country Mouse - "Urban Agriculture"

Soybean Beanie Baby

Let's go Horse-in' Around

50th Anniv. of Earth Day

Check back to learn more about special programs & events!


AITC Educator



The Bond County Ag in the Classroom program is pleased to welcome a new Education Coordinator, Delainey Enloe.  Delainey is a 2018 graduate of Mulberry Grove High School.  During high school she was active in the Mulberry Grove FFA Chapter, serving in multiple officer positions including Vice President and Treasurer.  Delainey has experience with multiple livestock species and is currently enrolled at Kaskaskia College.    She provides lessons and information to all schools (K-12) in Bond County.  To request an appointment or for more information email Delainey at



Bond County Ag In the Classroom is a sponsor of the Bond County 4-H Livestock Auction.  Click below to view the:

Auction Rules