Bond County Soil and Water Conservation District

2023 Bond County Youth Livestock Auction

The auction will begin with a barrow, donated by Maggie Goodson, that will be auctioned to benefit the Brody Haston family.  Following the Goodson barrow, we will begin promptly with the steers.  For the entire sale order and program of events please click below:




Buyer's premium will use the following market prices:

Steers $ 1.80/lb and Barrows $0.70/lb



2023 Sale Order: 

Steers, Barrows, Poultry, Rabbits, Milk, Goat Wethers, Sheep Wethers  


Agriculture Pesticide Clean Sweep Program



An Agricultural Pesticide Clean Sweep Program is being offered to residents in Bond, Clinton, Fayette, Jersey, Macoupin, Madison, Marion, Monroe, Montgomery and St. Clair counties.

The focus of this Clean Sweep is to dispose of unwanted pesticides which may be posing an unnecessary threat to their owners and to the surrounding environment. Items eligible for disposal include pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, and other agrichemical related products. Disposal of unwanted pesticides through this program is free of charge. The Illinois Department of Agriculture will be assuming generator status for all products disposed of through this program. This eliminates the participant's liability for the disposal of their products. Please be advised. it is not illegal to own these products. but it is illegal to dispose of them improperly. This program offers a free, legal means of disposal with no associated disposal liability for the participants. Only those pesticides which have been pre-registered through this form and accepted for disposal will be eligible for disposal in this program.

Please complete this form as thoroughly as possible. Please be sure to indicate both the product's common name and manufacturer, if available. If the product is unknown, so state. It is also very important to include the product's complete EPA registration number if it is available. This allows for a positive identification of the product and will expedite the disposal process. Also, please indicate the condition of the containers. If more room is needed please attach an additional sheet(s).

Please provide your complete address on this form in order that a reservation card may be returned to you. The reservation card will be returned to you as soon as possible and will indicate the time, date, and location of the collection. If you have any questions about this program please contact the Illinois Department of Agriculture's Pesticide Hotline at (800) 641-3934.

Completed forms must be mailed or emailed by July 28, 2023.

Download the pre-registration form HERE.  


Email the completed form to


DO NOT bring chemicals to the Bond County SWCD office.  The collection site location, date, and time for your pesticide drop off will be mailed to you by the Illinois Department of Agriculture!!









$$ Sign-Up for Cost Share $$              Deadline April 30 

Click the application link below to be eligible for cost-share programs!  

2023 Cost-Share Application

Equal Opportunity Provider and Employer


Conservation Seed For Sale

Contact the SWCD office to order your CRP and conservation seed.  Many mixes available.  Mixes meet NRCS standards for CRP seedings.  Several mixes include pollinator habitat, wildflowers, warm season grasses, monarch butterfly habitat and more. Contact the SWCD office or  618-664-3590 ext. 3 for pricing and more details.

Pay Invoices Online

The Bond SWCD is NOW accepting credit cards for payment of invoices for the following:

Equipment Rental, Fish Orders, Soil Sampling, Conservation Seed, AITC Sponsorships, Scholarship Donations, Meeting Sponsorship

To pay by credit card click the Jetpay logo below  You can either make a one-time payment or establish a login account for regular customers. 




Soil Sampling - Call Now


Now offering Haney Soil Health Testing and Corn Tissue Testing. 

Call now to schedule your field for soil sampling, or tissue testing.  Allow us to pull the samples and submit them for lab analysis.  Or you can drop off your samples and we'll analyze them for you.  For more information or to book your appointment call Roger Marcoot at 618-664-0555 ext. 3013 or 618-292-6043.

75 YEARS OF BOND COUNTY SWCD - Learn more....

To learn more about the history of the Bond County Soil and Water Conservation District click the link below.  The Bond SWCD was chartered in 1944 by forward thinking agriculturalists that had visions of a more conservation friendly system of farming.  The district has evolved to include service programs, education outreach, equipment rental, soil sampling and more.  To learn about the programs, leaders and past award winner click below:

75 years of the Bond County SWCD