Bond County Soil and Water Conservation District



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SOIL SAMPLING:  The Bond County Soil and Water Conservation District utilizes a customized Suzuki SUV, that contains internally mounted soil sampling equipment, to take soil samples.  Our Conservation Associate, Roger Marcoot, will travel the perimeter of your field and through GPS technology map your acreage.  He will travel throughout the fields to take multiple soil samples. 

The Soil Sampling Packages include:  GPS sampling on 2.5 acre grid (*2.5 acre grid recommended & required for NRCS/SWCD programs), Nutrient Analysis (pH, P, K, Ca, Mg, CEC, %OM), Maps

VRT (Variable Rate Technology):  VRT files are provided upon request.  The GPS boundary, point and results files are provided electronically and stored for future reference.  Prescription files can be provided at an additional fee. 

Micronutrient Testing available with soil sampling packages.  Micronutrients test results provided as composite for entire field.

GIS MAPS:  We have aerial maps with the following optional overlays:  soils, topography, flood risk areas, roads & streams.