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What's New with AITC?

School is back in session!  Contact our Education Coordinator, Chelsea Icenogle, to schedule your classroom, program or event.  Some of the featured lessons for this school year  include:  Pollinators, "What's on my Pizza?", and "Town Mouse, Country Mouse." 

Pollinators:  The pollinator lesson will include the opportunity for students to view our honey bee and butterfly collections, and our insect collections.  They will learn why pollinators are beneficial and what role they plan in agriculture.

"What's on My Pizza?": The pizza lesson will incorporate all of the different crops and animals that are needed to produce and grow the ingredients on my pizza.  The lesson can be used to meet math, geography and science learning standards.

"Town Mouse, Country Mouse":  This lesson will focus on urban communities and ways that urban agriculture can benefit communities. 

Stop in to see the AITC Book Barn at the Sorento Fall Festival or at the Marcoot Creamery Fall Festival!

Bond County Ag in the Classroom Mission & Vision

The mission of the Bond County Ag in the Classroom program is to increase agriculture literacy and advance agriculture by providing education programs in schools, at community programs and outreach events.  A person that is literate in agriculture "understands and can communicate the source and value of agriculture as it affects our quality of life."  The Bond County AITC program seeks to improve student and community understanding by providing agricultural focused lessons that meet national learning standards in core curriculum in science, social studies, language and math.  We have resources in our AITC Book Barn Mobile Education Trailer that are available at public events and festivals to improve the understanding of and advancement of agriculture within our community.  The AITC vision is that "agriculture is valued by all." 

For information on how you can support our mission & vision please contact the Bond County AITC Executive Director, Emily Hartmann, or the Education Coordinator, Chelsea Icenogle. 

AITC Lessons & Events and Book Barn Schedule

Upcoming Book Barn Events:

September 22 - Sorento Fall Festival (Former Ripson Bridge Festival)

October 12 - Marcoot Creamery Fall Festival

Lessons Plans for 2019-20:


What's on my Pizza?

Town Mouse, Country Mouse - "Urban Agriculture"

Check back to learn more about special programs & events!


AITC Coordinator





Bond County Ag in the Classroom is pleased that Chelsea Icenogle is currently serving as our Bond County AITC Education Coordinator.    Chelsea, her husband and three children reside in rural Mulberry Grove, IL.  She comes from a background in crops and swine production.  She provides lessons and information to all schools (K-12) in Bond County.  To request an appointment or for more information email Chelsea at