Bond County Soil and Water Conservation District

Cost-Share Assistance

The Bond County Soil and Water Conservation District provides cost-share assistance and other financial incentives for the construction or adoption of projects that conserve soil and protect water quality, that reduce soil erosion and improve water quality,  Nutrient Management Planning (NMP) to encourage farm operators to utilize soil testing to increase efficiency of fertilizer use and reduce nutrient transport to water bodies and special projects to address unique resource concerns to provide for piloting of new practices not on the statewide docket or target specific practices or initiatives that are local priorities. 

Cost-Share Assistance is Availalbe for the following projects:

Cover Crops,  Pollinator habitat, No-till or Strip-till planting (Corn/Sorghum), Contour Farming, Contour Buffer  Strips, Well Decommissioning, Filter strips, Diversion, Grade Stabilization Structures, Grassed Waterways, Pasture and Hayland Planting, Contour Stripcropping, Nutrient Management Plans, Terraces, Water and Sediment Control Basins 

Cost-Share Assistance Application


Pond Management Guidebook

For information on pond management click the link below:

Fall Fish Sale - Sept. 2020

The pick-up location is the Bond Co. SWCD Equipment Building located at 1740 Hwy. 40, just east of Greenville (behind the Greenville Vet. Clinic). 




Payment can be made by cash, check or credit card

 To pay by cash - Drop off your completed order form with payment at the SWCD office.

 To pay by check - Visit the SWCD office or mail your order form and check to:   Bond SWCD,  1111 E. Harris Ave., Greenville, IL 62246. Provide your email address for an order confirmation.

To pay by credit card - Submit your completed order form using the electronic link.  Upon receipt an invoice will be emailed to you with directions on how to process your credit card payment. 

To process your credit card payment click on the Jetpay logo below:




For information on stocking your pond click HERE.